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Our toddler program is designed to celebrate and encourage children as they meet each developmental milestone.  2 year olds at this age level are introduced to a more structured day, as we focus on the next phase of growth and preparation for preschool. Our toddlers use the Abeka curriculum specifically designed with them in mind.

2 year olds are engaged in developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day.  A typical day will include group activities, such as singing a group song or exploring books with the class, outside play and adventure, chapel, manipulative play, dramatic play, and arts and crafts.

Our 2's to 4's program is a unique program because it uses the Abeka curriculum. It is a Christian-based curriculum and it focuses on the the use of phonics, blends, Math, and Art. Our program also features weekly devotional time, finger plays and visuals. Our program is designed to put the "finishing touches" on all the children, because the next step is K-4 at

Memorial Christian Academy.

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